6 – New Rear Table


I thought that I would pass on to all, a problem I overcame regarding the lack of a shelf in the rear lounge area. We removed our table from the rear lounge as we found it too large and took up too much space. We then had the problem of nowhere to put the cup of tea (or stronger).
We felt that the bathroom wall was too flimsy to fix a shelf to so we looked for another solution.
The idea we came up with was to use the metal frame at the rear of the seat backs. This has a series of holes already drilled at approx 14″ apart (355mm). The holes are 13mm and I opened them up using a 15mrn bit, drilling was simple.
Then using 15mm tubing (I found stainless steel to be the strongest) I fashioned a support. I then mounted a piece of plywood to the top. This sits proud of the front and skies by 2Omm see diagram below. The tubing was drilled to accommodate screws to hold the top to the support, and finished off by drilling holes. one in each leg for a pin to stop the shelf at the required height.

Harry & Dinah Wakerley