9 – Remote Control Storage Drawer


If like me you are a fiddler and can’t leave anything alone you will probably have looked at the false drawer which hides the gas taps and thought, what a waste of space, I must be able to do something with that. So here’s what I did.
Start by cutting a square of thin plywood to the shape of the underside of the drawer (so that it fits between the metal runner supports. Then make the required amount of dividers to fit either front to back or left to right to suit.. I made mine from wood but they could just as easily be made from strong card. Cover it with card table felt or similar to stop rattles and screw the assembled divider underneath the drawer. My drawer holds the remotes for the TV, the video/dvd, the rear corner steadies, the radio and the front panel of the radio. I chose to store the radio front in it’s box which meant I had to position it on the right hand side of the drawer and file away a small amount of the wooden support which supports the taps. There is still room for pens, pencils, scissors etc.
Quick, simple and cheap and no more searching for the remotes.

Martin Wheeler