An unwanted ants nest

An unwanted ants nest in the car (Benimar Europe 6000 CD -98)

This summer I noticed small black ants in the the car, especially around sweets in the food storage. It took a while before I could locate the source, where the ants came from.

Eventually I found a water leak above the frame to the outer shower door (toilet cassette door), causing the water to penetrate the actual door.

It probably would not have been a problem, if it had not been for the piece of wood mounted inside the door. The water damage had probably been there for several years, because the wood was already soft and you could easily press a finger through it. It also had an unpleasant smell but this was not noticeable until the door was dismantled. The wood part contained hundreds of black ants.

I can not see the original purpose of the wood piece inside the door and replaced the content with a solid block of frigolite (expanded polystyrene?).

After the renovation, the ant problem was gone.

It can be a good thing to be aware of this construction and keep an eye on an eventual water leakage.

Regards Borje