Issue 37 – April 2010




Well, another winter endured and now looking forward to some warm sunny weather (except in late April when it is time for Peterborough again).
Talking of Peterborough it will be the Club’s 9th AGM on the Saturday 24th at 2 pm.
Please try and attend even if you only come as a day visitor to the Show.
The minutes of last year’s AGM will be enclosed with this issue of the mag. If you do attend please bring your copy of the minutes with you.
After the last meagre, monochrome, magazine ( a new sort of Triple M !) this issue is back to normal thanks to articles from Julia Tinsley (with photos), from Mary Pennington and from Alan Williams (with more photos). So together with Jo’s puzzle corner (I am struggling to complete these this time) and Alan’s usual Membership piece. So, if you want a magazine more like this one rather than the last, you know what to do – bombard me with material.
Alan’s piece contains some potentially very good news for the Club relating to Benimar agents. Let’s hope we get at least one importer with stock and some exposure at the exhibitions to get the supply of new Benimars rolling again
I have included a press release from SVTECH which is very relevant to us all. I was hoping to announce that they will give a discount to Club members, but have not had confirmation yet. Maybe more news at Peterborough or watch the website.



Julia Tinsley
We needed to escape some sad memories and spend Christmas away, so we booked the ferry and packed the motorhome to leave Derbyshire on Friday 19th December 2009. Then of course it snowed, and we couldn’t get the Pilote off our long very sloping drive. So we surprised our friends we had bid farewell to, and turned up at the local for the Friday night booze up.
Next day we managed to slither onto our icy Close and hit the road after breakfast and headed for Maidstone and the Bearsted Caravan Club Site for the weekend. Well they closed the M1 for an accident and the M20 was backed up with lorries that could not access the beleaguered Euro Tunnel. After a very long cold journey we finally made Bearsted at 7.0 clock in the pitch black. The site officials could not have been more helpful and slotted us onto the first pitch where we stayed to visit the family before making for Portsmouth on Monday, with a van full of xmas crackers, puddings, not to mention the haggis for Burns night.
Unfortunately when we started the engine the wheels spun and the van stayed still, like magic the Site Manager and a number of lovely
campers appeared and gave us a push and we rolled onto the tarmac and off to Portsmouth. The night crossing from Portsmouth to ST. Malo is our favourite, we dumped our overnight bags in our cabin and went up to the smart restaurant on the top tier and enjoyed a leisurely meal while the pianist played the grand piano. On this occasion the sea was like a millpond and we arrived at St. Malo, after a good breakfast, and headed for our first destination of Camping La Rose Blanche on the Gironde estuary to deliver the Xmas fare and visit with our many friends there leaving, we hoped, the snow behind..

Christmas Eve we went to a traditional Christmas market and a lovely clown was there to amuse the children, although he seemed rather more interested in kissing the ladies.
On Christmas day we enjoyed a great 5-course meal in the Rose Blanche clubhouse cooked by our retired resident professional restaurateur and all for only 7 euros each We went on a whirlwind of socialising with friends in their homes and in the restaurants around the Gironde who were excelling for all the traditional festivities.
Then the snow that we had hoped to avoid descended, uncharacteristically, on the Cognac countryside and although the snow was short lived and the vines looked so pretty with white branches, the temperature kept the ice for many days and driving was treacherous.
We stayed put for three weeks as Roy and Sylvia Gill were planning to arrive on the 11th January from the Lake District to overnight and then we would travel together to Spain. We watched the English weather forecast with great trepidation as the whole country was engulfed in snow and the Lake District with some of the worst. In the event Roy and Sylvia picked the best possible day to travel and had a trouble free trip by the same ferry route we had travelled three weeks previously, they arrived safe and sound on time. We managed to get both vans off the ice, without a push this time, and after much deliberation on the route to avoid mountain snow, the sat navs were set and Alex and I followed Roy at the wheel to overnight at La Rouletta at St. Jean de Luz.
Following Roy took me back fifty years to my old driving instructor who used to say to me, “Madam, signals are to tell people what you are about to do, not what you’ve just done”. (Only joking Roy). Roy’s steady pace and planned route went very smoothly as we overnighted at Zaragoza, still cold but no snow.
Next day we headed for Denia, and the enigma that is Camping Los Pinos. There was a detour for fuel, which is few and far between en route, and a hairy drive through Denia with a gale force wind tossing us frighteningly across the road as we followed Roy into Denia. A number of pitches on site had been ruled out as the previous exceptionally high winds had brought down a number of trees.

We had missed Lorna and Ron and Judy, but there were still eleven of us BOC’s so there was great company which was a compensatory factor
as the weather, although devoid of snow and considerably warmer than England, was far from the sitting in the sun in shirtsleeves type that we would hope for at this time of year.
If you have not tried Los Pinos then I cannot tell you if you would like it. We were on our third visit, but I have my reservations about the site with its hit and miss electrics, showers with no heads, and frequently no hot water, but the person who runs the site is a lovely lady and many people come for the winter year after year, not least of all because the charges are very competitive.

Enjoying the train to Benidorm
We had some great outings and along the beach, after a pleasant stroll. There are a couple of bar/restaurants where we could sit with a glass or a coffee and put the world to rights.

Putting the world to rights

You can walk into town along the front, but if you find it too far the bus runs reliably every hour, just up the road to the main road, to and from the centre of town. We all enjoyed the Monday market and Denia has great shops, many at amazingly cheap prices.
On the main street is a very large café bar called Commercio. It is a fabulous old building built round a central atrium with wrought iron balconies on several floors. It is reflective in character of Spain itself with an air of grandeur of long ago that hasn’t been preserved for posterity, but allowed to slide into a sad state of disrepair. But the staff are really friendly and the value is great, so we used it frequently for coffee morning gatherings with the Benimars.

You take pot luck with the restaurants at this time of year and we all went out to La Barquetta one evening where we had a laugh but not a good meal.

The paella turned out to be a dollop of flavoured rice in the centre of our plate with no trimmings. On the other hand a chance visit to the Chinese on our way back from a good day in Benidorm, turned out to be a great choice for food and everyone was on great form with the jokes when, particularly Roger and Mary’s friend Michael, had us all in stitches.
On a Thursday evening, in the Social Room at Loss Pinos, a classic example of the ‘seen better days’ description. A real character, who spent many years in the R.A.F. amuses everyone with a cinema show of something current to appeal to everyone, and some fantastic shots of aeroplanes and views. He also shows a little resume of photos each week takes surreptitiously in and around the site. It all makes for a very enjoyable evening free of charge.

Sadly it continued to prove that the rain in Spain falls mainly on Denia, and we waited hopefully for a change in the weather.
Some of the waves were 20 foot high.

The site has many trees, which makes television access difficult. Again the Benimar experts were available in numbers to help us achieve this. Our dish finished up strapped half way up a tree trunk to give us our cherished 24-hour news and radio 4 for keeping up with the dreary political reports and telling us how cold it still was in England. At least we felt better about the rain that came with much warmer temperatures from 11 to 22 degrees.
All in all we felt we had made a good decision to spend this particular winter out of the English weather, and Los Pinos, well you have to try it for yourself, but I think the fact that people come back year after year is much more about the camaraderie than the environs.



– Roy Gill
On the weekends 20th 21st and 27th 28th of February, a motorhome show was held in Alicante (Spain). Only a small show, a fraction the size of the NEC show. The crowds were nowhere near as great as they are at the NEC, but being of a certain age, entry was half price -€2-50 each.
Seeing as we were on our winter sojourn in Spain, a visit was deemed the right thing to do.
The downside was that there were no accessories for sale, also there were no British motorhomes on view, even though there were Spanish, German, French and Italian. There were a couple of Hymer A Class – €92,000 and €102,000. A little out of my range. Also some Laikas, a couple of Burstners and Pilote
Pride of place in the hall were eight 2010 Benimars including a Benivan. If you were looking to downsize, it seemed a good little number for the price. As a rule panel van conversions can be on the pricey side. I made a point of giving them the once over, and though I might be classed a little on the biased side, they looked quite good. Obviously all vans are a compromise, but comparing them to the other vans on display and the price, they compared favourably. They even had one with a fixed double bed that could be raised to accommodate scooters or some such in the garage. Where was that mentioned before?

Whilst I was there I had a chat with Mr Terry Lopez of Benimar, with usual question, when will there be an Agent in the UK? The current financial climate precludes that happening, but we do have back up agents for warranty work etc. The fact that there are no agents, means that Benimar will not be at shows in the UK. All very disappointing for Benimar owners.

I acquired a few brochures for the 2010 Benimars, which I will bring to Peterborough, unfortunately you will need to do a crash course in Spanish, but the pictures are there.



I recently noticed that our European Health Insurance Cards (that is the thing that replaced the old E111) had expired.
They are issued for a five year period and you don’t seem to get a reminder, so it is well worth a check before your next trip abroad
It is relatively easy to renew on the internet-



For my part I am sitting in the Sun, (not much of that this year, mostly wind and rain since arriving in January), but it’s been preferable to snow and ice in the UK.
I crossed from Dover to Calais on New Years Eve with Helen and Roger Foster. We parked on the ports departure car park to spend the night, where we enjoyed M&S 2 course Chinese meals washed down with Champagne – no expense spared !! At midnight the ferries and other boats all blew their hooters to welcome in the New Year.
Next day we started our journey South on virtually empty roads in brilliant sunshine, using ‘Aires’ for our overnight halts, we also used ‘N’ roads not ‘Payages’ – what some people might call cheapskates.
Our last night in France was spent at Pau, then onwards towards Spain through the Somport Tunnel. After Teruel and what had been a rain free journey the heavens opened and we experienced terrible driving conditions until after Valencia when it eased. We used ‘Payage’ for the last few miles of our journey.
Since arriving at this small, quaint, ‘imperfect’ site for my second Winter, I have met up with some other BOC members, cycled for miles and drunk more Wine, Brandy and Coffee than is good for me. I have been to Quiz nights, learned to play Rumikub (a great board game) and at competition nights I managed booby prizes on 2 separate occasions! (all good fun).
The Benimar Pensioners, 10 in total, took the train for a day out to Benidorm. It went along the very scenic coastal route costing just over 3 euros each.
Any excuse for a party, I have been to Chillie parties, Pancake Parties and even the Chairmans *&th! Birthday Party to name a few. For the birthday another site member came along and played Happy Birthday on the Clarinet.
I’ve been out for meals at various restaurants, one a few miles from here featured a Jazz Band – excellent- even better when our man with the Clarinet joined them for a few numbers.
On quieter nights we have DVD’s to watch, books to read, cards to play or just sleep !!
It’s a great life, as I sit here outside my van I can hear the sea crashing on the shore – it’s been rough for a few days, lovely to watch – rough or calm it’s beautiful.
You either love or hate this place, but given a chance it grows on you. Oh yes, I forgot to say where it is or what it’s called, well I do want to be sure of a pitch next year !!!
We leave on Monday March 15th for our journey home, hope to see lots of members at Peterborough.



– Alan Williams
What great news we have for all our Benimar Readers this time! Read on…

Membership News

New Members
A warm welcome to our new members:-
Barry & Tina Robbins
Fred Kenney & Sheila Bott
Membership now stands at 76 units.
55 Benimar Owners
21 Associate Members


Benimar Imports, Spares & Warranty (UK)

We can now provide all our members with some fantastic news, a new start to the Benimar life line….
You will all be more than pleased to learn that I have over the winter period been busy helping to negotiate three new UK agents for Benimar, all of which are keen to have some form of contact with Benimar. Hopefully we will see Benimars being imported in to the UK once again later in the year…..
Over the past couple of years Benimar have not had any UK dealers and therefore stopped making RHD models for the UK. They are excited to learn of these new agents coming on board and are planning to make RHD models once again for the UK import. They will be inviting the new agents to Spain for their convention in June this year to introduce the agents to the motorhomes they produce, prices and their strategy for the UK market. Benimar have told me they are very keen to start again in the UK and stated that they would be interested to return to the UK shows such as the NEC. I quote from their email “We are very motivated to start again in the UK; we want to recover the past levels of sales in the UK”. We hope to see Benimars with RHD being imported later in the year.
One of these agents was introduced to me from my article in the boc magazine asking for members help to find UK agents. I would like take this opportunity to thank David Swift, a new boc member who joined the club during 2009 for his help in putting me in touch with this company. Big thank you David!!
I would like to introduce you to the three agents for Benimar UK market.

Scott Medical UK, York

Andrew Scott of Scott Medical UK in Yorkshire. Having spoken to Andrew he was very keen to speak to Benimar about Spares, Warranty work and importing to sell new Benimars.
Scott medical make mobile medical units for the NHS, they make mobile Library units, mobile Dentistry Surgeries, mobile scanning clinics etc. They have a large workshop and are more than capable to re-build a motorhome. A very interesting company

Scott Medical UK
Contact Andrew Scott Managing Director
Makers of Medical Mobile Units for the NHS
Scott House
Barry’s Lane
North Yorkshire
YO12 4HA
Telephone 01723 363225
Fax 01723 363377

Choose Leisure, Canterbury Kent

Paul Santos, the managing director of one of my local used Motorhome / Caravan sales and service centre in Canterbury (next to the old Brownhills site) is keen to start up repairs and renewals with a possibility of importing new Benimars in the future.

Choose Leisure Motorhome Sales
Contact Paul Santos Managing Director
Ashford Road
01227 733557

RDH Services Ltd, Nottingham

Chris Parnill one of two directors, RDH have requested to become a warranty and spares dealer for Benimar and have now started supplying Benimar spares for members.
I am please to inform our members I have been able to negotiate a 10% discount for our members off labour charges for any repairs and new installations on proof of your membership card.
All offering 10% Discount available upon proof of membership card

RDH Services Ltd

Contact Chris Parnill Managing Director
Burstner Chausson & Kentucky Specialists
Benimar Parts & Warranty Dealers
Oaks Farm Lane
S44 5TA
Telephone 01246 230778
Mobile 07752 022745
Fax 01246 351254


Motorhome Tech

Operating as a mobile service unit for repairs and insulations within a 40 mile radius of Nottingham. The nearest campsite to Ian is the National Water Sports Centre at Nottingham Camp on 0115 982 4721
Email: –

Motorhome Tech
Contact Ian
Mobile accessories and repairs
07528 784180
0115 9611332

BOC Merchandise

Orders are now being taken for our club merchandise, to order yours simply complete an order form clearly stating which of the two logos you would like embroidered on your garment. For colours, please refer to the club website.
Classic Polo £15.00
Sporting Polo strip sleeve £15.00
Knitted Beanie £7.95
Hoodie £17.50
Reversible Fleece £23.00
¼” Zip Fleece £20.00
Full Zip Fleece £20.00
Order forms can be printed directly from the club website or you can request one from me. Please complete the order form and post with your remittance to Alan Williams – Please allow up to 28 days for delivery, due to the nature of ordering.
Remember your BOC
Benimar Owners Club applications forms can be kept in your benimar, then, if you see another Benimar on a campsite or car park etc, you can introduce yourselves or leave an application form on their windscreen
Only if you own a Benimar can you introduce other Motorhome friends that do not own a Benimar as an associate member.
Continue to be a BOC member, even if you sell your Benimar you can still remain as an associate member enjoying the benefits and discounts



– Alan Williams
We, Jo, Lisa, Gary and I decided to spend Christmas in our Benimars in York and New Year in the Highlands. We decided and booked the previous New Year, planning our routes throughout the year. One thing we had not taken into consideration was the amount of snow we had before Christmas!!! We planned to leave on the 23rd December meeting at 7am to start our journey to York. Having had 3 to 4 inches of snow made it very interesting… the first was to get off the drive…. this we just about managed and at last we were on our way with festive trimmings lining the interior walls and with the Turkey in the fridge, we made our way to the M25. Having met up with G&L we made our journey in freezing conditions. It was not long before we stopped for breakfast and a warm up before our final drive to York. We arrived at York just after lunch. Fortunately we had no hold ups as most sensible people stayed at home looking at the snow from their window.

York was very pretty looking along the frosty river. With several inches of snow, we managed to pitch up and soon had the wine out to start our festive holiday. Whilst we were at York we went to the York Mint for our first insight of midnight mass followed by more drinking once we got back to the mh’s. Christmas morning had arrived and so did more snow over night, but that didn’t stop Santa visiting… ok it was G&L who came bearing gifts and bubbly in the morning, and with Jo feeling poorly with the start of a chest infection we had to open the bubbly for medicinal purposes. That’s what Jo said anyway!!
We both took part in Christmas dinner, whilst Lisa was busy cooking the Turkey and all the trimmings, we made starters and desert whilst Gary….. well, Gary was playing his PSP…. but he did lay the table and a good job he made too. J
We gathered in G&L’s mh starting with, yes you get the idea, bubbly followed by starters, main course and desert. Oh and then more bubbles.. We gave Gary a present which was an Animal Balloon making kit; you can see in the pictures, it kept him busy for some time. By the time he had made a swan he was a dab hand at balloon modelling and then came up with some real master pieces. He soon impressed us with his skills by making a Giraffe and a Sausage dog (as modelled by our very own Luna – a Dachshund)

Poor Jo got very ill over the next few days spending a lot of time tucked up in bed sipping brandy so once we made an over night stop at Edinburgh we took Jo to the local hospital for some antibiotics to clear up her chest infection. Whilst we were waiting to be seen, G&L made their way to Grantown-on-Spey in the highlands, just as well as we were following a couple of hours behind as by the time we arrived it was too late for us to clear the 3ft of snow from our pitch. Gary had just finished shovelling his snow away as we arrived – good timing… We pitched up on an already cleared pitch that someone else had done the previous night and waited for the morning. With someone else booked on the pitch that night we went to the reception that morning to request they get the JCB out to clear our pitch. Gary was out clearing the extra 6 inches of snow we had over night from around his m.h. I have never seen so much snow in my life. It was like a winter wonderland. Very beautiful, but with temperatures of -18 degrees it was bloody cold. It took at least 3 days before our water pipes defrosted!


With Jo’s chest infection starting to clear up, we decided to take the doggies for a walk around the site in -15 degrees, walking in tracks cleared by the snow plough.

Leaving a bottle or two chilling in the ice back out side the mh, we walked around the picturess site with the snow in the trees with there frosted branches and snow covered mountings in the back ground, it made it a real Christmas treat.
Whilst we walked through the soft fluffy snow, we could see the kids running up the mountains with their snow boards to slay down again and generally enjoying the snow. We were enjoying the scenery so much we decided to wonder out side the campsite and along the track. We see a wee sign saying waterfalls 200m this way, with pictures views in mind over the highlands, we must have mistaken the sign for saying ‘fools – this way’ as we climbed the steep snow covered banks, along what appeared to be like an old railway line, climbing steps, having to leave Jo at the bottom as the cold was now playing havoc with her chest. When we got to the top, we didn’t see a thing, what with the snow being so thick and the temperatures dropping so rapidly there was a mist through the line of trees which prevented us seeing anything.

Oh well, it did make the soup we made back at the mh’s that mush more enjoyable once we got back. Although it was an adventure, we will say never again!!
New Years Eve arrived and so did more campers, some old friends of G&L’s who they had seen on a previous visit. We was obviously not the only mad people camping in such ridicules conditions as I guess there must have been at least 60-70 mh / caravans on site for the New Years Hogmanay celebrations. We started off our New Years evening with a few drinks in the mh followed by a 10 minute walk into Grantown-on-Spay through the snow for a few more drinks at a couple of bars followed by a meal at the Indian Restaurant in the main street. We had learnt that with all the bad weather, the Hogmanay celebrations was slowly being cancelled throughout the highlands but with the champagne in the bag we were determined.
As the clock started its count down to midnight, we ventured out to the streets together with 150 – 200 other mad folk, freezing parts we did not know existed.

We had the champagne chilling in the snow below the sign that read ‘drinking alcohol is forbidden in the street – fines in excess of £500.00’ as you can see in the pictures Jo & Lisa was having none of it so glasses to the ready, clocks chiming, champagne corks flying the celebrations was well and truly on the way. The bag pipes playing by a friendly local dressed in, sorry no kilt, he was sensible with his thermals on!, people singing the old Lang syne and generally getting colder as the temperatures plummeted to around -20. Oh how we laugh about it now…..
We finished the night walking back to the site to join some friends and letting off our sky lanterns. Watching the lanterns fly for miles and miles was fantastic in the clear skies. We all sat huddled round a roaring open air fire drinking and chatting till early hours of the morning.
New Years day – whilst we had been a sleep for what seamed like a couple of hours, we had a further 4-6 inches of snow. Having the need to get back home on Monday for work come rain or shine, or is it snow? We started packing up and putting bits in the garage compartment, closing the garage door to find the freezing conditions together with some ware & tear had sheared off two of the three hinges from the garage door, it could only happen to me? Both Gary & I looked at each other in horror with some expletives coming out my mouth I slowly lowered the door back into its hole I quickly turned the key in the locks to keep it closed so we could get back in one piece.
Meanwhile others on the camp site were making big blocks of ice from the snow to build a 7ft high igloo. We were once again digging out the snow from around our mh’s trying to keep the worst at bay. Having wondered back to the town for a meal, we were directed to a little back street pub which well, let’s say catered for our four legged friends as much as they did us. Walking in the door to find them closed, they soon realised they had not locked the door and instead of sending us on our way, they greeted us in with open arms. They soon had the fires alight, and getting themselves ready to serve us, they greeted the doggies with bones and chews whilst pouring out our drinks and taking our order. The menu was quite limited but as long as you liked Pie & Chips you had about 20 fillings to choose from. They served us our pies with a tray of chips to share. They were most hospitable. Saturday morning came and was time to make tracks; problem was we were going nowhere, not with out the help of a JCB!!!
Back to the office we went to ask for a tow out. No problems once the JCB arrived and soon we were on our journey back to civilisation.

We arrived at Durham for an overnight stop with yes you guessed it more snow over night. Finally arriving back home with memories for ever. What a great time we all had, although I think somewhere hot & sunny next year?



Hi Ron, here is a little something from our parish magazine:-
A 75 year old lady rang her local hospital with a polite enquiry. “Please could you give me some information on one of your patients? She is Mrs Tiptree in Ward 3. She was admitted last week with chest pains and I just want to know if her condition has deteriorated, stabilised or improved”
The nurse on the ward checked the notes. “I’m pleased to say that Mrs Tiptree’s condition has improved. She has regained her appetite, her temperature has steadied and after some routine checks tonight, she should be well enough to go home tomorrow. ”
“Oh that’s wonderful news, I’m so happy, thank you very much!”
“You seem very relieved, are you a close friend or relative?”
“No I’m Mrs Tiptree, nobody tells me anything in here”. – Mike Bottle
I recently had a visit from Ian Hollingworth from Motorhome Tech to carry out gas and damp checks and also to service the fridge which is now 5 years old (about the time they start to misbehave due to the jet getting blocked).
The work was carried out expertly as |I expected and of course I enjoyed the BOC discount on what are very reasonable charges.
If you need similar work doing and are near to Nottingham, give Ian a ring –
Tel: 0115 9611332 or 07528784180
– Ron Smith





Overcome Payload issues & avoid Maximum fine of £5000
Have you recently added extra equipment onto your motorhome? Perhaps a tow-bar or a large bike rack? Are your gas bottles full? Do you have all of your water? Some vehicles are known to be near their MAM even before they are fitted with equipment. Is it possible that you’re risking a fine from overloading the vehicle?
The Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of your van is one of the most important weights when it comes to maintaining road safety and driving within the laws of the land. Your motorhome’s MAM affects the payload that can be carried, and is used by the DVLA to indicate which vehicles your licence entitles you to drive.
Although the MAM may be suitable for your needs at the start of your ownership, circumstances often change, as mentioned above. Can you risk that fine? Can you afford not to speak to a specialist?….
SvTech Ltd has a long history of re-rating new & used motorhomes, either uprating to achieve a higher payload, or downplating to allow non-HGV licence-holders to drive the vehicle, especially for those who passed their test after 1st Jan 1997 or for those who are 70 years of age or over.
With some exceptions, the majority of Motorhomes can be uprated to gain an extra 200-300kg. SvTech has carried out extensive work on lightweight models and have covered uprates for the following Manufacturers;
SvTech always assess each vehicle individually through a simple online form. It is worth noting that some uprates require modifications/changes to the vehicle’s braking, tyres and suspension, for which SvTech provides a simple purpose-built rubber or air suspension assister kit. This will take between 1-2 hours for you to fit.
SvTech holds all relevant paperwork for your vehicle, including calculations and test results, which are acceptable to VOSA and the DVLA. SvTech also provides a new weight variant plate to be fitted which supersedes the original weight details on the Manufacturer’s VIN plate.
The method and cost of uprating a vehicle differs across makes and models. Please visit the website,, to complete your enquiry form, and our staff will contact you to discuss your requirements.
Alternatively call us on 01772 621800.







Quorn Rally or Great Escape ? June 18th – 20th
Helen Foster is organising a rally at Quorn, near Loughborough (Leics), on the same weekend as the Warners Group Great Escape also near Loughborough (for which we have no marshals as yet) .
Last year the Quorn Rally was very well received by all those who attended. There was a report in the Oct 2009 magazine.
If Helen receives enough bookings the Quorn Rally is on, otherwise she will marshal the Great Escape Rally.
So it is up to you. Let Helen know by April 19th if you wish to rally at Quorn, so a decision can be made at the Peterborough rally.
Tel: 01509 813305
Car Colston Rally August 28th – 30th
Ann Sheldake – has heard from the site near Newark and they have plenty of pitches for a Benimar rally over August Bank Holiday. They have six pitches with electrics.
She has provisionally booked ten pitches. Charges are £7.50 per night and £2.50 for electric hook-up
We stayed at the site last year at that time and loved the site and the pub. You can get more information on the pub at The meals are very good and I am told the beer is good too. There is also an Indian restaurant nearby which delivers meals to the site.



Please see the Diary Page.