Issue 35 – October 2009






Summer has been and gone with a pretty miserable and unpredictable July and August. (Not in East Anglia – Webmaster) But as soon as the children returned to School high pressure took over and we have had a wonderful September.


has been very busy organising some Club Clothing which looks pretty good to me. You will see all the details in the Merchandise Section and you can also print an order form.

It is getting towards the busy time for Alan with membership due soon. There is a renewals form included and I do urge you to renew while it is fresh in your mind. The next issue of the Magazine will arrive too late to renew. Also Alan will be a happy bunny if you renew by standing order as it is easier all round.


has also been busy compiling another 2 pages of puzzles with a Benimar flavour.

Judy and I will be heading south shortly after you receive this. We will be meandering through France stopping on Aires and France Passion areas as well as the odd campsite. France Passion is a great way to see the real France. You stay for free with the proprietor (Wine producer, farmer, artisan, or whatever) enjoy their hospitality and maybe buy a bottle of wine, piece of cheese, bag of snails, jar of honey or maybe have a meal with them). To encourage those of you who haven’t joined the scheme yet I have included a form also. It may be a bit hard to read as the original was printed on orange paper and didn’t scan too well.

The Diary looks a bit thin so far for next year, many dates are not yet finalised We could benefit from some small rallies, such as the Quorn one earlier this year. If anyone knows of a suitable venue and/or is willing to organise a rally, please let Ray Beach know.

The next issue is due out early in January Input to me by Dec 23rd at the latest please

Ron Smith



Ray Beach

Carol and I set off on Wednesday the day before this years rally was due to open, the weather was overcast and it had been raining heavily. However it started to clear as we came through Pickering. We arrived at the showground around 1345hrs, picked up the site details at the information tent and found the location of the site. This area was much better than last year as it was very firm and dry despite the earlier heavy rain falls. We were close to all the amenities and better still very close to the exhibition. Another bonus we found ourselves in the same field as the Warner marshals which was handy as we would feel a little safer at night. As we set up our van the clouds rolled back allowing the sun to shine through.

The following day Thursday we woke to the sun shinning and the first van to arrive was Evelyne and Dave and were shown where they should pitch up. Through the day vans continued to arrive and were greeted by Carol or myself and given the obligatory welcome pack containing the quiz, making a total of eleven vans. The old and new gazebos were erected once there were enough bodies to help. Later on in the day Roy advised me of some disappointing news that Harry and Shirley had broken down in Skipton and were being relayed home. So they were not going to make the weekend. One surprise was to see that people had been over to the show and were returning with various items they had purchased; it would seem that you can get in on a Thursday from about 1300hrs. The evening entertainment I believe was a Rock n Roll band The Hounddogs Carol and I didn’t go.

Friday the rain finally arrived and it poured down, turning the entrance to our field into a bog as vans were still coming in to pitch up. Autotrails who were sited behind the Benimars were still arriving seemed to be the culprit also other vans of various marques seemed to be directed though our field for some unknown reason to get to where ever they were going? The rain continued and the wind started up, at 1030 coffee morning was convened and we all huddled in to the gazebos. During the meeting Carol managed to sell raffle tickets and an invitation went out to all to a sausage supper in the evening.

After the meeting and with all but one van to arrive Carol and I managed to wander over to the show to see what goodies there were to be had? The wind had started to gust again and after 30 minutes my mobile rang with a message telling us to return to our van as the awning had blown away from its pegs. On our return we found Barbara and Margaret holding on to our awning for dear life, the wind had managed to pull the securing pegs out of the ground leaving the awning flailing around. The wind was so strong we decided to dismantle the whole thing and stow it away until I could purchase some decent pegs and we would like to thank both Barbara and Margaret for their help for saving our awning. The gazebo’s were also taken down, this was due to the high winds although Graham had done a very good job on repairing the old gazebo but the wind still managed to damage it beyond repair so to be safe it was decided that we would take both gazebo’s down. During all this mayhem the last of our vans arrived hailing in Don and Ann it was to be their first time attending a BOC rally.

The Friday evenings sausage supper get together was a disappointment as the weather didn’t let up. With no gazebos and the rain still falling it meant that we had to sit in our vans to eat. Carol and I ended up telling everyone to come to our van with their plates and we would dish the food up and return to their vans. It wasn’t too bad in the end as most people sat in each other vans to eat, we invited Pete and Margaret and Mel and Barbara to come and eat with us. Carol had cooked up a sausage casserole with croquettes potatoes followed by a fruit salad and squirty cream. She had worked really hard in the morning preparing the casserole. Carol and I would like to point out that we didn’t expect any money for the food, however we would like pass on our thanks to all the people who contributed. Friday evening’s entertainment wasn’t bad an Abba tribute band called Abba Fever.

Saturday was a non event day everyone doing their own thing, no change in the weather periods of rain and it remained dull and overcast. Carol and I went over the show again, I was planning to increase my wattage on my solar power by adding a further solar panel and we visited several stalls but after taking council with Graham I decided to put the idea on the back burner as there were too many complications. Thanks for the advice Graham. However we did decide to invest in a new extra security system for our van called Sleep Tight. The system is quite a sophisticated bit of kit that warns occupants in the van that someone maybe prowling around while you’re sleeping. The system comprises of a series of flashing lights and sensors placed around the vans skirting. These are wired in to a control box and with a special switch to alter range of the sensors. The system not cheap but we managed to get deal on the final price.

Saturday night’s entertainment was supposed to have been Freddie Starr as top of the bill. After queuing over an hour to get in to find a good seat the show started and the Compare apologising that Freddie Starr would not be attending due to ill health. Instead they had managed to get hold of the Grumbleweeds to stand in at the last minute. Apparently it was around 5.30pm that they received a call from Freddie Starr saying he wasn’t going to make the show. I was disappointed as I like Freddie Starr but it turned out still to be a great evening of entertainment. The supporting acts Lee Lard a tribute to Peter Kay he was brilliant followed by PJ Proby, who to me still sounded as good as he did in the 60s. OK I admit he did struggle on some of his top end notes but the man is bobbing on a bit. Finally the Grumbleweeds (only two of them) they were on stage over hour and fifteen minutes, they had the audience in stitches, absolutely brilliant. Eat your heart out Freddie.

Sunday the weather still dull and overcast but no rain thankfully. Coffee morning started on the dot at 1030hrs. After the welcome speech the answers to the quiz were read out with the winners having 17 correct answers out of 20 were Jim & Ellen Taylor, they won a bottle of wine. Carol managed to raise £35 from the raffle which she presented to our Chairman Roy Gill, who in turn will forward the money to the BOC. Mince pies, sausage rolls and fruitcake were provided. I must give a mention re:- Ann and Brian and Christine and Richard who were day visitors to the show and it was really lovely to see them all and hopefully we shall see them at future rallies.

Sunday night’s entertainment kicked off with two lad called the Temple Brothers who were a tribute to the Everley Brothers. They were followed by a comedy duo The Harper Brothers and finally a young band called Beardsmith who were fantastic.

Monday morning came with most of the membership still on site, it was time to pack our gear away and head for home. Carol and I had great a time marshalling this rally and would like to thank you all for your assistance and hope to see you all soon at future events.

Many thanks.




Hi, anyone know how to remove the metal panel above cooker/sink to gain access to switches and extractor fan? Looks like a potential loose connection as the fan and lights (at top of cupboard units above sink/cooker) do not work.
Europe Top ST
Regards , Chris

Hi, Yes I have had this off a couple of times to take power for extra points within the TV cupboard and replace the mini 12v for a cigar lighter version. You need to empty the cupboards above, if you have the microwave in the middle of two cupboards then this needs to be removed to. There is plenty of wire to the microwave to sit it on the worktop! Remember to remove the glass plate from inside the microwave before turning it on its side!!! In these cupboards you will find screws on the base holding the metal screen. Once these have been removed you can access the cables etc. It sounds a lot of work but it really does not take any time at all.
Hope this helps!
Alan Williams




Alan Williams


Membership News

A warm welcome to our new members:-

Robert & Theresa Fulcher

from Hampshire

Membership now stands at 83 units.

63 Benimar Owners 20 Associate Members

Membership renewals, I urge you all once again, for those that have not done so to complete the Standing Order forms and send them to your banks, the more people complete the form the better. Once you have completed the form you do not have to do it again. Once the s/o forms have been processed payment will be taken from your account on the 15th December for each New Year’s subscription.


Membership fees Update

New application for UK & Ireland is £14 followed by £12 per year.

New application for those that live outside UK & Ireland is £27 followed by £25 per year.

Membership runs from 1st Jan to 31st December.


Benimar Spain

Further to my communication with Fernando Ortiz – Benimar Spain, he has emailed me a new club logo.

I think you will all agree with the committee that the re-designed logo does not stand out as much as the old one does. The logo needs to be seen from a fare so people can see it as the Motorhome approaches. For this reason we believe it not to be suitable but thank Benimar for their time and efforts in there re-design.


Rejected BOC logo

Further to my previous requests, Fernando informs me that Benimar are changing their website to incorporate a link to the BOC website which should be completed soon. Also, although the only new motorhomes that have gone out have been to the Dusseldorf show following their August holidays, they will be sending new motorhomes out with a BOC membership application form in, so we are hoping we may gain a couple of new members from this too.

Fernando also informed me that they still have no new UK members, and although this will not help new purchasers buy Benimars, Fernando reminds me any BOC member who wishes to buy a new Benimar can contact Encarni to buy direct, saving them money.


BOC Merchandise


I have been in contact with a club member that is happy to produce some club merchandise for us at very reasonable prices. In order to keep these costs down to you, orders will be placed on a monthly basis, however, should any member require urgent delivery I believe this can be arranged.

You should find a list of items available and sizes in the magazine. See MERCHANDISE Section here.


Remember your BOC

B Benimar Owners Club applications forms can be kept in your benimar, then, if you see another Benimar on a campsite or car park etc, you can introduce yourselves or leave an application form on their windscreen
O – Only if you own a Benimar can you introduce other Motorhome friends that do not own a Benimar as an associate member.

C – Continue to be a BOC member, even if you sell your Benimar you can still remain as an associate member enjoying the benefits and discounts

Message from the Ambulance Service

We all carry our mobile phones with names and numbers stored in the memory. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn’t know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of emergency? Hence the “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) Campaign.

It is a method used by the emergency units to first look for ICE stored in the numbers of your phone. This way they can contact your relatives to inform them of your injury and location. The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of an accident there was always mobile phones with patients but they didn’t know which number to call. He therefore thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally recognised name for this purpose.

In an emergency situation, Emergency Service personnel and hospital staff would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialling the number you have stored as ‘ICE’.




Evelyn Hill

In many ways a fun weekend with both Indian and Cowboy Camps, many visitors wearing themed clothes and a good deal of music and dancing. Also a useful selection of stalls, fine weather and a chance to visit Malvern by coach – it is well worth a visit.

Six BOC vans parked in a square encampment which made for a jolly affair with several BBQs. A very large chocolate cake appeared to celebrate Ray’s birthday. Consideration was made to a proposed renaming of the club to the Amaretto Club after the group polished off a good proportion of Colin & Francis and Pete & Margaret’s stocks.





Due to the high price of the Campsite (28€ per night, the high cost of the Harwich to Hook of Holland Ferry, the fact that the bulbs will be past their best and very little interest shown, I have decided to abandon the idea





New Speed Limits in France
July 2009
From the legal department of Automobile Club de France regarding speed limits:- All in kph.
Vehicle towing a caravan/trailer where the vehicle has a gross train mass of under 3.5t – or a motorhome that has a gross vehicle weight under 3.5t*
Motorway – 130**
Dual carriageway- 110**
Single carriageway – 90**
Motorhome which has a gross vehicle weight over 3.5t*
Motorway – 110
Dual carriageway- 100
Single carriageway – 80
Vehicle towing a caravan/trailer where the vehicle has a gross train mass over 3.5t
Motorway – 90
Dual carriageway- 90
Single carriageway – 80
*Motorhomes without a trailer.
If the motorhome has a trailer then the speed limit will be based on the gross train mass.
**In adverse weather conditions or rain these limits reduce to 110/100/80




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