Issue 25 – March 2007




A quarter of the year gone already – “I don’t believe it” (as Victor would say).
That means that it is nearly time for the Peterborough Show, which in turn means our biggest rally of the year, and of course the AGM which will be held on the rally field at 2:00pm on the Saturday April 28th. Please try and attend the AGM even if you can’t come for the whole rally.
This issue is very light on material, in fact if it wasn’t for the minutes from the last AGM, it would hardly be worth publishing.
I have received virtually nothing from members so it is a rather shallow issue this time I am afraid.
On a brighter note Benimars are being imported for sale by Vivanti ( a hire company). They are located west of London and near to Crewe – see article elsewhere in the magazine. It appears that Benimar are not too bothered about a dealer network in the UK.
I was hoping to feature pictures and an article of our Chairman Roy (and Sylvia) taking delivery of their brand new Benimar from Anchor Point in Ireland. Although expected end of Feb, unfortunately it is not now due until early April. With Spanish/Irish involvement this not entirely surprising.
The bad news is that the lack of pictures means no colour spread this issue. The good news is that the mag will be much cheaper. I have used a picture off the internet for the front cover.
See you at Peterborough – don’t forget to bring this magazine to the AGM.
Please send your input for the next magazine by June 10th.
Ron Smith





Flat top – Laptop
Pea Pod – iPOD/MP3 player
4 Track – Chelsea Tractor
Start Lead – Video connecting lead
Avocado – These come in pairs
Tintuana – Where Avocados come from
Sothering Iron – A farmer friends tool for joining metal
Emergence heater – This could get me into hot water
Terrier Bite – A lot of computer memory
Milk of Amnesia – Not a lot of any memory
Sender requests anonymity due to fear of reprisals.


Graham Baines
Don’t get locked out of your Gas Cylinder Locker, I did, but only on a routine check at home thank goodness. Any other time would have been a little more inconvenient.
I had got into the habit of storing some gas related bits and bobs in a plastic box which sat neatly on top of a Gaz cylinder just inside the locker door. On this occasion my cylinder spanner had managed to wedge itself just under the lever of the rotating lock. (Mine needs to rotate in a downward direction to unlock).
After trying the obvious such as putting that side of the van up on ramps in the hope that the spanner would fall away. I eventually succeeded by making a lever from a 10mm wide by 3mm thick by 350mm long strip of metal. I put a bend in so it was just long enough to go through the louvers in the air vent and with a bit of manipulation managed to lever the box away. Phew. The only damage was to an inch of the fly mesh within the louvers.
Cure. I now intend to construct a small cover from a thin strip of steel to prevent this happening again. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing.


Unfortunately it’s been a fairly quiet year for me. I did get to the Glen Miller rally but as non of the members could suggest a suitably snazzy outfit for me I had to go in my everyday knitwear. I did get a nod and a wink from the two ‘Teds’ who were ‘cruising’ the concert area showing off their Willies, jeep. I tried to have a dance but just got under everyone’s feet. Then I got a couple of splinters in my ankle and snagged a stitch in my leg, I think I’m starting a run! The music was great though and I hope my new guardians for this year will take me again. I might even take up music, wonder what a knitted trumpet sounds like?
Due to family commitments we couldn’t get away for a ‘winter in the sun’ break this year so I’ve been sitting at the window watching the Robins feed. However, something has just come up for next weekend and the one after Easter so I will get away after all before I’m handed over at the AGM. We hope to go up to Barnard Castle followed by Kendal for two very short weekends with some friends so I hope the weather improves.
Well that’s all for now my friends, see you all at Peterborough.
Hugs and kisses, Penimar. x

RVTex offer

RVTex are offering free fitting of Waeco Air conditioning units until the end of April. Tel: 01623 722477



I received this just too late for inclusion in the last magazine :-
I have a piece of news for you. New Benimars are available from Vivanti.
Vivanti are a motorhome hire company, but are able to supply them and they would be ok to pick up from either here or from further down south where he is based.
He has 10 on order at the moment, not too sure which ones. But if you check out his web site which is you should get some idea.
I know it’s not as good as having a proper dealer but from what I can gather he is looking at the idea.
If you want to know any more, give me a call, but I will let you know as and when I have any more info.
Ian Hollingworth…Rvtex.
Since then I know that Vivanti are definitely importing new Benimars.
I have been trying to get in touch with Peter Duff from Vivanti without success.
They are based at Mychett south of Junction 4 of the M3, and at Sandbach in Cheshire. They have just taken delivery of 2 new Benimars which are going into their rental fleet.
Hopefully more details in the next mag, or on the Club website ….Ed



The following are a few recent posts on the Benimar Club Website Forum.
Can anyone advise on travel insurance for more than 90days at any one time? I normally use MTC INSURANCE, but even their annual policy restricts its use to no more than 90days at any one time thru the 180 day policy.
Try safeguard..part of the swinton group
Some brainless person has broken my back Perspex window, with a stone or bb gun. My insurance, Saga, tell me that because its not glass it is not covered by the £50 excess
system but will have to pay for it myself. Any thoughts on this as all Motorhomes have double glazed Perspex windows
Thanks John
PS Is there a breakers that might have a second-hand one in stock.
Benimar 6000 cd-l small rear window
The perspex windows are made by a company called DOMETIC/SEITZ.
The perspex part is removable without taking the frame out.
Only thing I can suggest is to measure carefully and see if RvTec or the Dutch company quoted earlier in the forum can obtain a replacement.
———— ————————————
Just bought new elecsol 110a/h battery for aereo anthus CFL 2003 to replace 100a/h (had to modify aluminium tray to fit!) and I am anxious to know how long a full charge will last using say, 3 or 4 lights and a mini lcd tv when off site? Also I am very confused by the info on the control panel display. The top button seems to indicate when hooked up and charging leisure battery. The one below indicates the `state` of same battery, but what does the number(0-99) really mean ( ON BOTH DISPLAYS) and is the displayed voltage supposed to go down so rapidly with all interior lights on ? the battery is brand spanking and fully charged – any help and advice appreciated
The numbers 0-99 are the indication of the % charge in the battery. If the button is held down you get the voltage in the battery.
The top one with the green light is for the leisure battery and the next one down is for the van starter battery. See the manual in hints and tips on Website.
So in theory you should be able to watch the voltage go down on the leisure battery. When you use what you are saying the main lighting takes I think 11watts for each tube and TV approx 65 watts. The small lights originally had 25watt bulbs in them but I changed for 10 watt ones – got too hot.
So I find that we can last about 1 to 2 days watching TV but I have a small genny to top up when no power.
Hope this helps a bit
Sog Unit.
I have just fitted one of these ….took me 3 hours …..double checked everything all works, surprisingly! …….would recommend to anyone……. (Slaphead)
I don’t like displaying my ignorance but what the hell is a sog? (Vic)
Seems easy to fit, but not sure how to connect to the 12 volt line (John)
Please put me out of my misery, what is a sog unit (Roy)
I’m glad I’m not the only one Roy!(Vic)
Got fed up with waiting for answer and Googled it. It’s an extractor fan for the porta potty so you don’t have to use unfriendly chemicals. Only problem- you need a gas mask to empty it! (Vic)
Sounds like it should be called a bog unit (Roy)


Benimar Owners Club

Annual General Meeting Saturday 28th April 2007


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of the last meeting
3. Matters arising
4. Presidents Address
5. Reports:
5.1. Chairman
5.2. Treasurer
5.3. Membership Secretary
5.4. Magazine Editor
5.5. Press Secretary
5.6. Events Co-ordinator
5.7. Webmaster
6. Elections of Club Officials:
6.1 Chairman
6.2 Secretary
6.3 Membership Sec
6.4 Treasurer
6.5 Magazine Editor
6.6 Press Sec
6.7 Events Co-ord
6.8 Webmaster
6.9 Chief Marshall
7. Appointment of Auditors
8. Late Subscription Payment (as proposed at last AGM)
9. Resolutions:
9.1. To include in the Club Handbook at the insistence of DEFRA that units be 9 metres apart at our rallies.
9.2. Paragraph 3a to read “Membership shall be open to any owner or potential owner residing in the United Kingdom, Channel Island, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland.
9.3. Paragraph 3e to read “ Associate Membership is available to any former member who no longer is the owner of a Benimar Motorhome and/or no longer lives in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland, but wishes to continue his/her association with the Club. Associate Members will enjoy voting rights.
10. Any Other Business.
Please bring this mag with you to this year’s AGM – it has the minutes in it.






Held on Saturday 22nd APRIL 2006
at the National Motorhome Show Peterborough.

IN ATTENDANCE: Dennis Peer, Beryl Peer, George Pennington, Mary Pennington, Judy Smith, Ron Smith, Sam Black, Richard Hall, Vic Paine, Pip Rowe, Ian Tilley, Sylvia Tilley, Alan Williams, Jo Williams, Jean Porter, John Porter, Peter Jennings, Vi Jennings, Nichol Thomson, Lorna Thomson, Brian Swanson, Geoff Perry, Jane Perry, Ian Johnston, Agnes Johnston, Terry Gordon, Bruce Lawson, Janet Lawson, Barb Jones, Mel Jones, Keith House, Gloria House, Geoff Follows, Edna Follows, Gerald Dickerson, Jill Dickerson, Dave Hill, Evelyn Hill, Ray Beach, Carol Beach, Colin Varley, Francesca Varley, Michael Bottle, Dawn Bottle, Julia Tinsley, Alex Waugh, Roy Gill, Sylvia Gill, Roger Foster, Helen Foster, David Reader, Joan Reader, Graham Baines, Chris Baines.
The Chairman, Mr Roy Gill, opened the meeting at 2:10pm, welcomed the President Mr Ron Smith, the First Lady Mrs Judy Smith and members and associate members. He apologised for the venue of the meeting.
1. Apologies for absence were received from: Mike Rondel and Ruth Sangan.
2. The minutes of the 4th AGM, which was held on the 23rd April 2005, were taken as read and signed by the Chairman.
3. Matters arising. None.
4. Chairman’s Report

The Benimar Owners Club is now 5 years old and this is my first year as Chairman and quite an eventful year it has been.
Ron set a very high standard as Chairman and general factotum when he initiated this club, a hard act to follow.
I have no doubt made some mistakes during the year for which I apologise. It didn’t help that we had to find a new Treasurer, we did this, her name is Joan Reader and between us the finances have been sorted out. Not helped by Joan’s branch of HSBC requiring three signatures for the mandate, whereas Pip’s branch only needed two. The problem was compounded by me having used blue biro and Tipp-ex, a no-no for banks. That, plus holidays and Joan trying to round up the signatures, the mandate details were not completed as quickly as hoped.

Thank you Joan.
Once again there is a change in the committee, Jane Perry is standing down as Membership Secretary, a task she has carried out for the good of the members even if the reminders at the year end were not very welcome. Thank you Jane.
Another stalwart of the Club, leaving the committee, has been the Webmaster aka Vic Paine, the website has been a linchpin in keeping members informed and letting members put out their tips and helpful views to the members, that is to members who have the world wide web. I have to admit to not putting as much onto the web as I perhaps should have done, for that I apologise. I think the Website is an important tool for the Benimar club, seeing as we are a small club and scattered throughout the land and that some of us keep trundling abroad for long periods. Once again thank you Vic for services to the Club.
Julia Tinsley announced in her Newsletter that she will soon be the proud owner of an IH Motorhome and so will be no longer be doing the Newsletter. The newsletter like the web is an important tool to keep our members informed, especially if those members do not have a computer. So thank you Julia for your stint as news editor.
The outcome is that we are short of members for the committee, there will be a call for volunteers later in the meeting.
Thank you.
Joan began her report with an apology, she had run off copies of the accounts to hand out at the meeting, but unfortunately picked up a letter of credit by mistake. Copies of the accounts are available to members by post if requested. Due to the HSBC and various errors authorising the Mandate, it was November before a complete change of Treasurer, Pip kept things ticking over in the meantime. Joan thanked the auditors Gerald Dickerson and Geoff Perry for their help.

Jane Perry reported that 63 units renewed by the deadline 31st Dec and 23 units renewed after the deadline. Total 86 units for 2006.

Julia Tinsley reported that the first magazine was less of a learning curve more a baptism of fire. The good news was it was printed in Chesterfield with no cost to the club. At least it got some information out to the members, which hopefully was helpful. The quality of the photos in the third magazine was very disappointing, the firm offered to re-run them to be collected the following week. This would have been too late, so a discount on the price was offered. It is becoming quite expensive for colour, though not as expensive as it used to be. If you run double side sheets it is quite an expensive venture. There have been a few suggestions of a double A4 newsletter in black and white, or one sheet of photos, which would be much cheaper. Having been out of the country for five months this last year, it has been very difficult to produce the magazine, arriving home with only a few days before the next issues.

8. PRESS OFFICER REPORT Nothing to Report.

Roy Gill reported that as was mentioned at the last AGM, we do not have quite as many “independent” rallies as some other clubs, perhaps it is because we are a small club with members scattered throughout the land. Whatever the reason, when we have a rally, mainly at events like this one at Peterborough, they are successful, thanks to the volunteers who do the marshalling.
There is a programme of rallies on the back page of the Newsletter, if there are members here who would be prepared to marshal any of the events please let me know after the meeting, then I can notify the organisations concerned.
Of the rallies last year, the one marshalled by Geoff and Edna Follows at Twinwood, ‘The Glenn Miller Festival’, was quite a weekend, made all the better by the weather, music all weekend and the displays of equipment from the second world war.
Paul Smeaton made a point regarding the Eden Camp Rally. Not enough units were supporting the rally so he cancelled the April one as he felt it was unfair to Eden Camp.
One of the problems is communicating with members at relatively short notice, we need to give as much notice as possible in at least one publication of the Newsletter with details of the event.
To reiterate, anyone wishing to organise a rally should let me know and we will try to notify the membership of the details of the event.
The basics for a rally are a preferably level area, a water point and somewhere to dispose of waste, liquid and solid. If it is in an area of interest so much the better.
There has been a list of Rallies in the last two BOC newsletters, but so far, there has only been one offer of a marshal and that was for this Show. Marshals are required for the coming Shows. Newbury 12th-14th May, Stratford 2nd – 4th June, Lincoln Music Show 14th-16th July, Stone Leisure Driffield, Three Counties Malvern 11th -13th August, Shepton Mallet Sept and York 22nd-24thSeptember. Marshals are needed for all of these Shows. The procedure for marshalling is that you inform me and I send off a form to Stone Leisure or MMM requesting a club area and quoting the name of the marshal. The show organisers then contact the Marshal direct re the club area and the number of pitches applied for by the members. There has to be a named marshal to book an area. For large show, rallies there must be a minimum of 10 units to qualify for free entry for one Marshal. 60 units qualify for two Marshals. It was asked if a rally area could be booked without naming a Marshal. Members are already booking for Newbury Show but there is no Benimar area. Then the Chairman was asked if he could be named as contact. He replied that this had previously happened, but as he was away at the time, he was unable to contact the Marshal, Paul Smeaton, who then had no information to work on. A member then asked if anyone was willing to act as liaison contact. David Reader volunteered to become the Chief Marshal and liaison contact as he was at home most of the year. As some Members had already booked for Newbury, Roy said he would contact Newbury and inquire about an area for Benimar. Members had been phoned by Newbury to say, that even though their booking forms had quoted Benimar, no area had been booked. Roy promised to see Kathy Sleight the Warners booking organiser now that we have a contact name and an agreed procedure for the contact.
Pip and Vic Paine are to hold a ‘Christmas Rally’ in deepest Sussex in August!
Future Rallies:
The Southern Motorcaravan Show at Newbury May 12th-14th
Lincoln Show and Music Festival July 14th-16th Marshals Colin and Frances Varley
Malvern Western Motorhome Show Aug 11th –14th Marshals Colin And Frances Varley
Glen Miller Weekend Twinwood Aug 26th – 28th Marshals Geoff and Edna Follows
Gt Northern Motorhome Show York Sept 22nd – 24th Marshals David and Joan Reader
National Motorhome Show Peterborough Apr 26th – 30th Marshals Mary and George Pennington.
Ron Smith reported that it has been a very tough year with the demise of RDH and major changes in the committee. We all feared the club might fold but a lot of us were determined it wouldn’t. It is very good to see, though very reduced in numbers, that we have the largest proportion of club members here at one time than we have ever had. We have never been very good at volunteering for marshalling, indeed all the marshals should have been planned last year for this year. Personal rallies should be booked a year in advance. Up until 10 minutes ago we did not have one Marshal for any future shows, we can’t run the club like that as it is unfair to Warners and Stones. I am eager to see what happens re the new committee and do hope we have enough people willing to put a bit into the club and the club goes from strength to strength. With less numbers overall, we probably will never get back to the numbers we did have. If we can get to about 100 it will be a big enough size of club to be successful yet not too big to become impersonal.

Committee Members

Roy Gill
Sylvia Tilley
David Reader

Chris Baines
Mary Pennington
Ian Tilley

David Reader
Graham Baines
George Pennington

Joan Reader
Mary Pennington
Sylvia Tilley

Ron Smith
Ian Tilley
Alex Waugh

Roy Gill
Sylvia Tilley
Vi Jennings

Colin Varley
Graham Baines
George Pennington

Non Committee Members

David Reader (South)
George Pennington
Mary Pennington

Ray Beach (Nth)
George Pennington
Mary Pennington

Pip Rowe
Graham Baines
George Pennington

Carol Beach
Sylvia Tilley
Graham Baines

Ian Tilley
Graham Baines
Julia Tinsley

Vic Paine as outgoing Webmaster said that the website and magazine were both extremely reliant on input from members. Ron Smith reminded us that the next Magazine was due in about a month and there was no material to be included. Where possible could material be sent by e-mail to Ron. Pip asked if the magazine would go back to black and white. He said to leave that to him for the moment. Ron was then asked if the job of editor would be made easier by more use of the internet and website. Ron replied that was already happening as information on the website was being updated alongside the magazine.
Ray Beach proposed “Associate members should have a vote.”
Pip proposed that while the current membership was depleted, possibly only temporarily, we could delay changing the rules to next year. The Chairman duly noted the second proposal. He then went on to the voting for the first proposal “Associate members should have a vote” this was seconded by Julia Tinsley. There were 34 votes for, 2 against and 1 abstention. The motion was carried and the amendment will be added to the Constitution.
Ian Tilley reported that one Benimar dealer was taking delivery of 8 Benimars the following week. He wondered if other dealers were aware of the BOC and passing on membership details to new owners. Roy stated he was taking membership details to the dealers at the show. A new member who had purchased a used Benimar felt we should make ourselves known to the second hand market. Roy is to send a piece about the BOC to the club section of the MMM.
It was asked if the payments of the subscriptions could be made individually for 12 months from the day of joining but it was thought this would greatly increase the Membership secretary’s work. Jane said that subscriptions could be paid from October when a reminder went in the magazine. Pip suggested paying by Direct Debit or Standing Order and Joan said she would go to the bank to see if this was possible.
Vi asked why there was a penalty for late payment but it had been agreed at a previous AGM. Roy agreed to place the matter on the agenda of the next AGM. It was felt much alienation was caused by the penalty fee.
Ron mentioned the club Constitution stated that each member was allowed to bring one guest unit to a rally. The guests were obliged to pay a £2 fee to the club to offset the discount gained for them by the club. He also stated that club specific rallies, such as under DEFRA rules, were limited to listed members only.
Vi has taken contributions from around the show for ‘Penimar’ the club mascot and raised £60 for charity. She asked which charity it should be sent to and kidney dialysis was mentioned and accepted.
Geoff Follows has brought a video of the Glenn Miller Festival for members to watch if they have the facility. Also would anyone intending to go to Glenn Miller this year please let him know.
Roy has received a brochure on ‘Walking in the Pyrenees’ anyone interested please see him.
The next meeting will be held at the National Motorhome Show, Peterborough, on April 28th 2007.
The meeting closed at 3:30pm.



A warm welcome to the following new members :-
Derek Merkl & Sue Wright of Bath
Alan & Marlene Ufton of Nottingham
Mike & Mary Rowley of Ludlow
That makes 154 members (77 couples)

WPC 2007

This years competition is now open so send me the worst postcard you can find.
So far I have received 3 entries from the old stalwarts Mary & George, and Graham and Chris Baines.
Ron Smith

I WISH …………
A woman rubbed a bottle and out popped a genie. The amazed woman asked if she got three wishes.
The genie said, “Nope, sorry, three-wish genies are a storybook myth. I’m a one-wish genie. So…what’ll it be?”
The woman did not hesitate. She said, “I want peace in the Middle East. See this map? I want these countries to stop fighting with each other and I want all the Arabs to love the Jews and Americans and vice-versa. It will bring about world peace and harmony.”
The genie looked at the map and exclaimed, “Lady, be reasonable. These countries have been at war for thousands of years. I’m out of shape after being in a bottle for five hundred years. I’m good but not THAT good! I don’t think it can be done. Make another wish and please be reasonable.”
The woman thought for a minute and said, “Well, I’ve never been able to find the right man. You know — one that’s considerate and fun, likes to cook and help with the house cleaning, is great in bed, and gets along with my family, doesn’t watch sports all the time, and is faithful. That is what I wish for …a good man.
The genie let out a sigh and said, “Let me see the damn map again.”



Graham Baines
DORMITORY: When you rearrange the letters:- DIRTY ROOM
Yep! Someone with with too much time on their hands! (Probably a son-in-law).



See Diary Dates

And finally :-

Arriving home to a lovely smell of dinner emanating from the kitchen, I commented “smells nice what is it”? “RED SETTER” came the reply,
“I presume you mean RED SNAPPER!”
“ Oops” she said with a smile, “mind you it’ll probably taste like DOG FISH!”
A little gem from another little gem – Graham Baines