Issue 22 – June 2006


Chairman – Roy Gill
Secretary – Chris Baines
Membership Secretary – Dave Reader
Treasurer – Joan Reader
Magazine Editor – Ron Smith
Events Co-ordinator – Colin Varley
Press Officer – Roy Gill
Chief Marshall – Dave Reader
Auditors – Pip Rowe and Carol Beach
Website –
Webmaster – Ian Tilley



Hi it’s me again. After a year away I am back at the helm of the magazine. As there were no other takers at the AGM I was persuaded to return to the editorship of your magazine.

I made it clear that I can only issue a magazine when I am not on my travels, so this issue comes up rather quickly and the next one will be some time in September. After that I don’t know quite when they will be.

I will start with the usual plea for articles, photos, experiences, hints and tips, letters, adverts, in fact anything that you think may be of interest to fellow club members. Input by e-mail is preferred as it saves typing but if you are not internet connected don’t worry write it out and I will do the rest.
It was very encouraging to see a good number of members at Peterborough, despite the fall off in membership. Percentage-wise it was the best we have achieved.

I called in on Rvtex recently and had a very encouraging chat with Ian and Pete. There is an article elsewhere in this issue which describes what services they offer, particularly with Benimar in mind and also some exclusive discounts to Club Members.

Since the demise of RDH we are lucky to have Rvtex to honour the warranty work and as they are pretty centrally located, should be handy for lots of members. The reports I have heard from members who have used them are very favourable.

I would like to thank Mary, Janet, Graham(Penny), Paul & Carol, Dave & Evelyn and Mary again for their articles.

Don’t forget your articles and letters are vital to make our magazine rewarding, so get scribing.

Judy and I are busy preparing for a 2 month trip to Eastern Europe – 6 new countries, 6 new languages and 6 new currencies !!!

The next issue is planned for the middle / end of September. Please make sure that any copy is with me by Sept 10th at the very latest.
Ron Smith




The 5th AGM of the Club took place on Saturday 23rd April during the rally at the National Motorhome Show at Peterborough.
The meeting was lively and constructive. The main points were:-
There were a number of changes to the Committee as Jane stood down as membership Sec., Julia as Magazine Editor, Alex as Publicity Officer and Vic as Webmaster. Luckily we had sufficient volunteers to carry on with the vital duties of the Club. The new Committee can be found at the top of this issue.
As there is a growing number of Associate Members who still have the Club very much at heart and contribute considerably, the meeting voted to change the constitution to allow Associate Members a vote at the AGM.
The treasurers report showed that we made a sizeable loss during 2005. This was accounted for by several factors:-
Much reduced membership subscriptions compounded by magazine costs for twice as many members.
Loss of RDH contribution to the AGM room and extra costs for colour printing of the magazine.
The arrangements for paying subscriptions was discussed and members decided to leave things as they are with a reminder in the appropriate issue of the magazine. Joan was to look into whether paying by direct debit or standing order was possible.



I intend to publish an update of the Club Handbook, and issue it with the next magazine.
The constitution has changed and the list of Benimar Dealers is very out of date, not just in the UK but France seems to have lost a dozen or so dealers, while Italy seems to have gained nearly as many.
If I can manage it I will also issue an up to date list of Members’ Registration Numbers.
That should keep me busy!!


Get a load of this…
Daer Ediotr,
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A Culb Mbemer.


I understand that Mendip Caravan Centre at Weston-Super-Mare are also selling new Benimars but I have no further information on that.



Dave & Evelyn Hill
It was great to have such a good and jolly turnout at Peterborough 2006 and the BOC AGM, after a shaky year for Benimar in the UK. Once again BOC’s culinary exploits were remarkable as Mary and her ‘Dragonettes’ treated us to an unforgetable and delicious nosh! Thank you.
Moving on, slowly as ever, we had booked into the Spalding Tulip Rally for the following weekend. Thursday found us parking up, with maybe 1000 other vans, at Tallington near Stamford.
Double decker buses ferried us to Spalding centre on the Saturday for the Tulip Parade, which was more ‘home town carnival’ in a pleasant town with many locals doing their ‘bit’ including two teams of Morris Dancers. Tulips are no longer a major economic force in the area and this was evident but it was a good and interesting day.
The rally itself is a South Lincs DA event of the Camping and Caravanning Club and was very well organised having its 40th anniversary. The meet was very friendly with very good entertainment every evening, held together by the dry humour of the DA’s own linkman. This took place in a huge marquee. Top of the bill was a quality 60’s rock band (number 2 in the charts of 1968) and a local bunch of yokels who did skiffle, rock, etc plus some very funny gags. For the kids there was Punch and Judy, fancy dress and even rides in Noddy’s car! (I bet Dave enjoyed that – Ed)
The site is flat and exposed so wellies and warm clothes; plus blankets were required. There were a reasonable number of stalls including one devoted to fun lights of all types and colours; so yes, we now have whirly flashers! Also on hand was a hot food van doing a good trade in fish and chips, etc.
We had noticed the quality of the ‘scarecrows’ in the nearby fields but we missed a local festival devoted to them. Another time this would make a pleasant walk into the next village on the Sunday.
The June issue of MMM contained a Four Tenners for a Site contribution of a site in Croatia sent in by an ex Club Member, Peter Gordon with a nice photo of his Benimar overlooking the Adriatic.
As I write Frances Varley is in Hospital, she went in for a quick keyhole job on her gall bladder but it wasn’t that simple. We all hope that you get better and are out soon. Whatever is Colin doing without you?



Are you Glam or Hopeful ?

We all drive a motorhome or RV (Recreational Vehicle), but what other vehicle do you drive?
Is it a boring car? or maybe a MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle ? a PC (People Carrier)? an MPC (Mini People Carrier)? a 4WD(4 Wheel Drive)? or a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)?
The Motor industry is incensed with acronyms.
But did you know that they also refer to us in the same way? Whether you like it or not we are all one (or more) of these, but which one are you?
YUPPY Young Upwardly Mobile Professional
DINKY Dual Income No Kids Yet
MILT Mum in Leather Trousers
VIOT Village Idiot on Tour
OINKY One Income No Kids Yet
SITCOM Single Income Two Children, Oppressive, Mortgage
HOPEFUL Hardup Old Person. Expecting Full Useful Life
GLAM Greying, Leisured, Affluent, Married
FIAT Fart in a Trance
WOOF Well Off Older Folk
SADFAB Single and Desperate for a Baby
KIPPERS Kids in Parents Pockets. Eroding Retirement Savings
ORCHID One Recent Child, Heavily in Debt
FOBIO Frequently Outwitted by Inanimate Objects
GOFER Genial Old Farts Enjoying Retirement
SNERT Snot Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager



Rvtex and Benimar

Rvtex was set up by Ian Hollingworth and Pete Evans when RDH went into liquidation early in 2005. Their premises are at Newstead Notts, not far from Junction 27 of the M1.
Between them they have a wealth of experience in the motorhome service industry and in particular with Benimar. They are the UK’s Benimar experts.
Ian and Pete explained what they do and don’t do:-

  • Service
  • Damp inspection £30 + vat
  • Gas & damp inspection £75 + vat
  • Full Habitation inspection, £120 + vat (Club Members get 10% discount)
  • Oil and filter change
  • They do not do mechanical (i.e. Fiat / Mercedes) servicing or repairs.
  • They do not do respraying
  • Specific Repairs
  • Gel coat repairs
  • Floor delamination
  • Leak rectification
  • Appliance failure
  • Alarm System failure
  • Gas Leak Rectification
  • Water leak rectification
  • Repair / replacement of broken parts
  • Modification / Upgrades
  • Modification of internal furniture
  • Accessory Fitting
  • Alarm fitting (VanBitz approved) and tracking systems
  • (Free maintenance contract for Club Members on Van Bitz alarms)
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Rear view camera, reversing sensors installation
  • Awning installation
  • Bike rack, motorbike rack and towing electrics installation
  • Gas tank installation
  • Extra lighting
  • Microwave installation
  • Hi-fi systems, multi changer CD player and sat nav
  • Locker door supply and installation
  • Top box supply and installation
  • Suspension assisters
  • Benimar Approved warranty and parts
  • Approved damp checks
  • Insurance and extended warranty claims

Note that it is essential to quote the chassis number (Fiat ZFA244…. or the Mercedes equivalent) when requesting any warranty work
Ian stressed the following and how important it is to keep having your annual damp check. They recently had in a W reg Benimar which had never had a damp check – it needed a complete new roof at £3,500 !!!)
The Benimar Water Ingress Warranty is now (from Nov 2004) for 5 years. Before that it was for 3 years.
The Water Ingress Warranty is conditional on having an annual damp check carried out by an approved service centre.
Evidence (a receipt and damp report) has to be submitted to Benimar for them to accept related warranty work.
As Rvtex offer such a check for only £30 + vat it seems foolish not to have it done.
Club Members also qualify for a 10% discount on labour charges for all work done.
Please show your membership card to obtain this discount.




Mary & George Pennington
It was wet and windy when we arrived at the area of grass allocated to “Benimar” – not long after the cavalry appeared in the shape of Helen & Roger Foster to assist us with the preparation. Once the jobs had been allocated fairly, the gals staying dry and the boys venturing into the unknown, to peg out, place signs and put up the all important flag in the wind and rain !!
The club gazebos arrived the next day with two other members, and as luck would have it by the time we came to put them up, the wind was in full force and the rain still coming down !! But we eventually got three gazebos and two wind out awnings together to form a dry”ish” area to knock back beer and wine in – whoops, of course we mean socialise in !!
Thursday evening we had a sociable get together helped along with nibbles, picky bits and of course Helen & Mary’s intoxicating punch.
Friday morning the chairman had a coffee morning and brought us up to date on a few matters, and off loaded the free magazines before everyone headed off to the show for all the bargains.
By Friday evening there were 30 members vans and 4 guest vans in place, not a bad turnout – they must have heard about the Punch !!
Most people were at the gazebos for chilli con carne and rice, sausage in buns, followed by Helen’s home made mince pies and mulled wine to drink.
On Saturday at last the sun came out, which meant we could have the A.G.M. at the gazebos rather than the grandstand. The meeting was very lively, a lot of matters were aired – amicable solutions found to problems and I think all in all a very successful outcome.

Getting ready for the al fresco AGM

Penimar and Graham – Graham is on the right

The 5th birthday cake

Agnes being attacked by Mary on her 70th Birthday

Jane Perry who retired as membership secretary was presented with 2 cut glass wine glasses.
Vic resigned as web master, Julia gave up the magazine editorship – (was there something in the air !!) all positions were filled though.
Vi Jenning was presented with a bouquet of flowers on her 65th birthday – and if all that wasn’t enough Champagne and Benimar birthday cake finished the proceedings !!
It was reported membership is down – it could have been a lot worse though, in view of the events of the past year.
The star of Saturday night entertainment was Ken Dodd and his ever famous Tickling Stick- it was a sell out – he should have finished at 11pm they eventually threw him off at 11.30pm !!
At the Sunday coffee morning the answers to the quiz sheet were revealed, Gloria and Keith, Lorna and Nicola were the proud winners and got to choose from the glittering array of prizes – a day they wont forget !! We thought the raffle that followed would go on forever there were so many items, a successful event.
Another birthday and bouquet of flowers to Agnes Johnson who was 70, and then our singing voices were on again for Libby Hixon – no flowers as she wasn’t old enough !!!
Graham and Christine Baines ticket was drawn for them to become the new custodians of “Penimar” the Benimar mascot, we all wait to hear of her adventures over the next year.
Vi Jenning who organised the raffle raised over 130 pounds for kidney dialysis.
And the other raffle we did raised £30, and to this we added £8 which was collected from guest vans and handed over to Joan our treasurer.
Over the 3 years since Penimar was “born” she has raised over £300 for charity.
Most vans went off on Sunday and the 24 of us who were left headed off to the “Harvester” for a meal and of course a few drinks.
Monday morning was spent in the cold, stood around talking and saying final farewells – see you at – Lincoln, Glenn Miller Festival, Pips Rally – etc….
Would be marshals please, please do not think this is what is expected all the time – you can just peg out and see people in – it’s what you make of it and the extras are because we wanted to !!


You may have noticed a Caravan Club advert with a picture of a Benimar, sited in the Swiss Alps. The couple enjoying themselves are Gerald and Jill Dickerson. They have since sold their Aereo and bought an apartment in Portugal. They are remaining in the Club however and came to the AGM at Peterborough..

Since the demise of P&O I see that a Spanish shipping line AT Ferries is operating a service between Portsmouth and Bilbao..I went on-line to get a quote for a sailing leaving in Oct and returning in December with a 7 meter motorhome and 2 passengers in a 2 berth inside cabin. – £540 !

With a decent discount they may be worth using. They can be found at or call 08717 206445.




Paul and Carol Smeaton
We have just returned from three weeks in New Zealand and, after spending the first week with our son and daughter-in-law, we hired a motorhome for the rest of the trip.
When we arrived back into Auckland to collect the `van, Carol took one look inside and said, “ I can`t spend two weeks in that!”. It was, I suppose, what vans must have been about 20 years ago over here, very basic in design although newer than ours.
Once we had done the paperwork, had our little induction, and waved goodbye to Carl and Ann ( so we thought!), we set of to Rotorua for a three night stay not realizing how far it really was therefore arriving at night about an hour after the site closed although the arrangements for late arrivals were excellent and a list of vacant sites was posted on the door so we soon found a site and settled in. Before the kettle had boiled Carl and Ann arrived to spend another few days with us, good job we had bedding for four!! The one really noticeable thing you immediately experience in Rotorua is the constant smell of Sulphur from the hot pools.
After Rotorua we went on to Lake Taupo for two days where the lakeside walks were beautiful although Carol’s ankle curtailed us a little we still tried one or two!
From here we decided to do one-night stops to be able see more of the country. So, over the next week or so , we visited Mount Tongariro national park, Napier ( an art deco town), Gisborne, Ohope, Papamoana Beach, Mount Maunganui, Waihi Beach, Coromandel, and finished on a hot springs site at Miranda spending quite a lot of time relaxing in the hot spa pool before setting of back to Auckland to return the `van.
The cost of renting a motorhome is less than if you did it in America or Canada even if you pay for full insurance like we did. I think altogether, including paying up front for a bottle of gas, the total was about £500. If we did it again, I would not pay up front for a bottle of gas because they fail to tell you that in New Zealand you get your bottle filled up therefore just paying for what has been used, which was actually almost nothing. I will explain this when telling you about the sites.
We tended to use a group of sites called top-ten although there were hundreds of them and all were 3 or 4 star sites which had full communal kitchens which had full cookers, sinks, microwaves, kettles, toasters, gas or electric BBQ`s all for general use so you can see why we used little gas. Even the fridge in the van was 12volt only! Even normal sites had kitchens etc. Top–ten were a little more expensive but were about 10 or 11 pounds per night (nearly all had swimming pools, games rooms, TV lounges etc).
Diesel was about 40 pence a liter, but New Zealand has what they call a diesel recovery tax based on distance traveled which brought the price up to just under 50 pence.
On our way back up to Auckland I spotted a “benny” in a lay–by on the other side so at the first opportunity I turned round and went back because I thought I had seen a UK number plate but it was a NZ one! We spent some time chatting with the owners who knew our club website and had actually just picked up their new van the day before.
When we left them we were armed with the name and address of the Benimar agent in Auckland and decided to call and see him on the way back with the van. When we found him he proved extremely pleasant and very helpful with discussing shipping costs and taxes etc. He did suggest that one good way for boc members to enjoy New Zealand would be to do a swap with a New Zealand “benny” owner and intimated he would not be averse to putting any of his customers in touch if the occasion arose. I do have his web site and e-mail if any one is interested. This would be a good way to swap because at least you know they know Benimars and would take care of it.


Carol Smeaton

As a follow on to our New Zealand trip, it has started me thinking, do we really need everything in our motorhome?

We have just managed 2 weeks with the following:- 1 frying pan, 3 pans, 1 casserole dish, 4 knives, 4 forks ,4 spoons, 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 dishes, 4 mugs, 4 glasses, 1 bucket and 1 sweeping brush. Did the wine taste any different because it was not served in a red or white wine glass? Was there anything wrong with the dessert being served in a cereal bowl? So what! The vegetables and salad were served in pans. What no serving dishes? No milk jug, no bread basket, no silver screens. Heaven forbid! How did I manage without a double skillet or a cadac?
Actually we managed quite well, but as I write this I sip white wine from a white wine glass, and I look around my van and yes you’ve guessed, I am not strong willed enough to get rid of my little extras!



PENIMAR goes north


I didn’t know how exciting a weekend it was going to be as we set off to Peterborough. Zac, Jo and Alan and I had become very close over the last year, but I knew Auntie Vi was going to find me a new home and I would miss them. Never mind, it’s all in aid of good causes. At the end of the Sunday ‘Coffee Morning’, I was won by my new family, Christine and Graham.
On the way home they sat me with a good view and found all sorts of games to play to stop me getting fidgety. My favourite is ‘I Spy’, that’s when I count all the motor homes we see. I counted to 10, 6 times (‘cos I still have to count on my fingers) oooh and 3 ice cream vans.
Since we got home I have been living in my den in the ‘Luton’. There is a small window at the foot of my bed and they seem to spend most of their time in the garden, in fact they have just put up a new fence. Graham says it’s to stop me from escaping! We are planning to go off again but not ‘til the weather improves. If it’s raining I can’t go out in my woollen coat ‘cos Auntie Vi would probably say I smell like an old Sheep.
In August we are going to Pips ‘Sussex Christmas Lights’ BOC Rally, to spend Christmas all over again. I am taking my stocking, I do hope Santa Claus will come.
A couple of weeks later I will see you all at the Glenn Miller weekend. What on earth am I going to wear!
Suggestions and sketches to Uncle Ron for the next magazine!
Bye for now,
Penny. xxx


WPC 2005

A disappointing entry of only 8 cards this year. However, the standard was pretty good, although I did disqualify one because it was a photo not a postcard, and the other because it was too rude (but then it was from Mary).

The winner was Helen and Roger Foster for their entry of “The hull of a boat under repair at Paros, Greece.


WPC 2006

For those of you new to the club, WPC stands for Worst Postcard Competition which I have been running for some years now. The idea is that you spend most of your holiday / traveling time looking for the worst postcard you can find and send it to me. The competition runs to the end of the year. I then choose a winner and he/she receives a prize at the Peterborough Show rally in April.
The definition of worst is best summed up as “why would anyone send this card unless it is to enter such a competition”.
So far I have 2 entries for this year, both from Janet Lawson.
While we were enjoying ourselves at he Peterborough Show Rally on the Sunday, Rod (of old RDH fame) was running the London Marathon. He finished 47th overall (about 20th Brit) and improved his personal best by 3 ½ minutes. Well done Rod, the lack of pressure dealing with Benimar has obviously been beneficial.




Janet Lawson
On the 15th January we left these shores and cold behind for our latest adventure., First stop Singapore, a very modern, clean city, lots of greenery, no horrible graffiti here and a Metro system that puts ours to shame. Everything is stainless steel, with glass doors covering the opening to the platform that open as the train pulls in, in line with the doors, no platform crowding. Their airport is the best I have flown from.
After 2 nights there we were off to New Zealand, flying to Christchurch via Melbourne, to visit relatives, then picking up a car to tour he South and North Islands. A beautiful country, very little traffic in the South, a joy to drive around and the weather was kind to us all the way.

We then flew from Aukland to Brisbaine and here we picked up our Maui camper. We settled for a two berth, thinking that it would be big enough for us for the next three weeks; any larger and prices rise considerably. We had a quick look over it, loaded our luggage and decided that it would be nice to have a look round Brisbane while here, so getting instructions on where to park and map in had we set off. Trouble was I couldn’t find any of he roads he mentioned on our map, we had obviously taken a wrong turn somewhere, traffic was getting busier, temperature was 33*C and Bruce was getting stressed, so we decided to abandon that idea and head out of town.

Of course we soon realised that a Maui in no way compares with a Benimar. We didn’t expect it to be as roomy but the layout and lack of cupboard space together with our excess luggage (2 large bags) left us with little room to move. The only saving grace was the air conditioning which is absolutely indispensable !!

We found the only way to store our bags was under the bed at the back of the van, which meant taking a few clothes out and having the bed permanently made up, consequently having nowhere to sit and eat. We had hired a table and a couple of chairs for sitting out so this wouldn’t have been a problem except for the mosquitoes which had bitten me to death and made it unbearable. Apparently our sprays are useless, so if you attract them like me, you have to buy jungle strength”.

Apart from these problems we coped quite well and had a great time, seeing much more of the country this way, meeting locals and fellow travellers.
The New Zealanders and Aussies we found extremely friendly people, they would just start chatting like old friends. We travelled up from Brisbane to Port Douglas along the “Bruce” highway, pity it didn’t go along the coast more, passing through some small towns that looked like the film set of a Western with wooden balcony around the towns only hotel. You expected a horse to be tethered up outside. We travelled along field after field of sugar cane, with the little rail track that runs alongside for miles to carry it back to the factory. Also the 5 mile long jetty for loading onto the boats.

Camps all have a kitchen area with electric barbies supplied, washing up sinks, tables and sometimes fridges.
Australia has some beautiful beaches but if you go in summer, as we did, be warned that you can’t swim because of crocs or jellyfish, which can give you a nasty sting, sometimes fatal !! We did go in the water at Whitsunday Islands but took the precaution of wearing a “stinger suit”, a sort of all in one stretchy zip-up, not too flattering to the figure but made us feel safer.

There are beautiful outdoor lagoons – the town pool at Adelaide and Cairns, with man made beaches, grass and palm trees, lovely settings, so warm – no wonder they are good swimmers. The shops tend to close early, also restaurants, so don’t try and get a late meal. Wine is quite expensive so we didn’t have it if we ate out. We mostly cooked for ourselves and looked for a wine shop which was more affordable.

It is very humid on this coast, so you come out of the shower feeling just as hot and sticky as when you went in. I didn’t stand up to this too well but most locals loved the climate, although one or two who had moved from other parts did say that it took 2 – 3 months to adjust.

From Cairns we flew to Ayres Rock for a look at red desert, this was like stepping into an oven – 39*C but dry heat which suits me better – the only drawback was the flies ! Everyone walks about with nets over their hats otherwise you are permanently flicking them off and they drive you mad.
Two days later saw us in Sydney, lovely harbours, the amazing Opera House, you can do so many trips to beaches etc., boats are a large part of life here.

Next stop was Hawaii – not quite the idyllic island that I was expecting, too much building has gone on taking part of the beach – a little disappointing to me.

Our last port of call was L A where we did the “Boulevard”, Beverley Hills and Bel Air – all the touristy things – fine for a couple of days, but now home was beckoning. After 2 months away it was nice to be back in England and looking forward to seeing everyone at the next rally.




Membership has dropped considerably from the levels of a year ago, and now stands at 86.


A warm welcome to the following new members:-

  • Anthony & Kathleen Farmer of Weston Super Mare
  • Bryan Sibbald & Wendy Spillane of Northampton
  • John & Yvonne Heppenstall of Lincs
  • Trev Lammas & Linda Leivers of Norfolk

I am including a Membership Form with this magazine, so you can keep a copy in your Benimar and when you see a prospective recruit – you know what to do!



WINTER in the SUN (Pt2)

Mary Pennington

I suppose you all thought thank goodness for that, at the end of last mags report – but there’s more !!
We enjoyed another week in Albefuria before heading back to Spain. Our first stop was at a small site between Seville and Granada very basic but because if was for only one night we stayed. The charge though was OTT, it seems that at most Spanish sites anything less than 7 nights is a premium rate after that it comes down, the best rate being 30 nights and even better if you want to stay 90+

After a hairy drive up into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada past Orgeva (the area of the book – Driving Over Lemons) on to Valore to visit friends who last year started to renovate an old cattle shed they had bought – it’s located away from the village lots of land around, with stunning views. They have made good progress and were actually living in it.
We had a couple of nights there then we were on our way, with five liters of olive oil, walnuts and almonds from their trees.
We wandered along towards Tabernas on scenic back roads then onto the N340 in the direction of Mojacar. We were recommended a site just off this road, this sounds a bit vague – but we got there ! Turn off after garage, If you go past Hotel you have gone to far, depending on direction of travel, then take first right, narrow road at back of Hotel – site on left, handy if you want a stopping off point. It is called ORO VERDE, set in an olive grove, had a pool, good facilities and when we were there at the end of Feb it was just us and two other units – you have to pay up front though – peculiar arrangement.
Two nights there saw us on the way to Mozacar where we sat on the front and debated the next move. Camping Cuevas Mar at Palomares just past Garrucha won the day. This is a good site for walks along the beach, into the next village of Villaricos which the developers are doing there best to ruin. If you feel energetic there are a few cycle rides and it is possible to cycle into Garraucha.
The site facilities in Block 1 are excellent, the second block is clean but not as “posh” as number one. Charges here were 1-3 days then 1-12 days then 1-20 days then 1-30 days eventually going to 90+ 7.80 Euros per night + 2.55 electric.
We reluctantly left after ten days, next stop Dolores near Torreveco to visit Tim and Honor Hewitt (ex Benimar owners, associate members) at their ponderosa, had a couple of days catching up with them, then it was onto Javea to see John and June Harris (more ex Benimar owners) at their villa which is finished after 3 years of hassle and two winters living in their Benimar on camping Javea. From Javea we started the trek up to Dunkerque to sail, some 3 months after we had left England.





This year’s rally will be held in rural Sussex 11th – 14th August.
Walking, Talking, Eating & Drinking will almost certainly feature amongst the highlights of the weekend!
On Saturday night there will be a Christmas Dinner – Turkey and Christmas Pud will be provided by your hosts and all the trimmings by the rally goers.
Dinner will be followed by judging the ‘van with the best festive lights ad decorations.
Costs are estimated to be £6 per unit/night.
Water and C.D.P.
Arrive from midday Friday 11th and depart before midday Monday 14th.
Please let us know if you are coming.
Contact PiP or Vic on 07786 967 030


Dates – 26th.-28th. August.
If you want get ‘in the mood’, jive down to Twinwood Airfield, Clapham near Bedford for a ‘jam’ packed weekend of music & dance and trips down memory lane (for some of us).
If you still have your demob suit or uniform you won’t feel out of place!. The cost of the 3 day event is £33 p.p. plus £15 for camping, book direct with Twinwood Events
tel. 01234 350413
A 10% discount is offered if booked before May 31st. or 5% before June 30th.
Don’t forget to mention you are with the Benimar Owners. See you there.

Geoff Follows.





July 14 – 16 Lincoln Show Midsummer Music Festival
Marshals – Colin & Frances Varley
Book using MMM form or on-line

August 11 – 14 Sussex
Another one of Pip’s famous Sussex Rallies. See inside mag for more details.

August 11 – 14 Malvern Western Motorhome Show
Marshals – Colin& Frances Varley
Book using MMM form or on-line

August 26 – 28 Twinwood Glenn Miller Weekend
Last years event went down very well. Full details on the previous page.

Sept 22 – 24 York Great Northern Motorcaravan Show
Marshals – Dave & Joan Reader
Book using MMM form or on-line


April National Motorhome Show
Our biggest get-together and venue for the Club AGM
Marshals – Mary & George Pennington

May Newbury Southern Motorhome Show
Marshals – required

July Lincoln Show Midsummer Music Festival
Marshals – required

If you know of a suitable venue for a club rally (the handbook tells you what is expected) and are willing to marshal get in touch with the Event Co-coordinator, Colin Varley, to fit it in the schedule.
Colin Varley

PS:- Fact:- Every 40 minutes in the UK someone gets attacked in a road rage incident. Comment:;- She must be an awful driver.